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  • GP-008 Handheld metal detector

GP-008 Handheld metal detector

Categories:Handheld metal detector

Introduce:SAGBY brand handheld metaldetector

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Product Features

1. Alarm modes: simultaneous sound and light alarm

2. Sound and alarm light, low consumption

3. High stability, solid structure

4. Good working: short alarm indication

5. Low voltage: continuous alarm indication

6. Main body: solid and durable engineering plastics

7. Simple and convenient operation

8. Self-checking: it self-checks when it starts

9. Fairly low consumption of battery

10. Extremely high detecting speed

11. Extremely high accuracy and sensitivity

12. The battery management system continuously monitors the deficiency of power and voltage

13. Most adapting to men's hearing difference, it will generate different alarm tones depending on  

14. the size and distance of Metal

15. The alarm sound will last when finding metal and continuously lock its correct position

16. The probe will give an alarm easily when a pin is 35mm to it

Product Specification

1. Alarm Method: single buzzer and vibration

2. Sensitivity Level: high and low, two options

3. Battery Type: 9V alkaline battery or rechargeable nickel-hydrogen battery

4. Working Hours: under the 10% alarm, alkaline battery 40 hours , rechargeable nickel-hydrogen battery 14 hours

5. Working Frequency: 25KHZ

6. Size: 400mm x 80 mm x 30mm

7. Gross Weight: 0.32 kg/ unit

8. Detecting Accuracy: pin 30-60mm, 64-type pistol 150mm, 6” dagger 160mm, dia 20mm steel ball 90mm

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