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  •  SJB-09 Handheld metal detector

SJB-09 Handheld metal detector

Categories:Handheld metal detector

Introduce:SAGBY brand handheld metaldetector

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Product Description

It can boot automatically detect, without adjustment, large scanning area ,completes detecting quickly and accurately; it will emit different alarm sounds according to the detected metal size; high sensitivity, can detect tiny metal, such as: mobile phone GSM card, TF memory card, pins, razor blades, staples on the 10th, 8-pin chips. SGB-09 is widely used in precious metal processing, electronics factory, jewelry factory and other places,it is a high-end product in hand-held detector. 

Product Features

1. Unique features: the world's leading ultra-high sensitivity. Can detect dedicated phone "TF Memory Card" and " GSM mobile phone number card " .

2. Steady process materials: ABS plastic shell is made of high-strength once cast, combat ability, fine craft , 2 m free-fall drop height without damage ; probe surface with ultrasound on combined repression ,  waterproof , dustproof, light weight , easy to carry and so on.

3. Advanced design concepts : the metal detector is a digital intelligent detector, use the advanced Japanese original Fuji 32CPU central processor as the core circuitry to process digital signal conversion, the use of large-scale integrated circuits , superior performance.

4. Superior low-power consumption function : The metal detector is equipped with 9V NiMH battery , low power consumption, long standby performance, low-voltage sound and light alarm indication.

5. Multiple alarm modes: multi -color high brightness LED lights, audible alarm indication lights , vibrating alarm indication lights , low voltage lights, audible alarm lights blew indicator  .

6. Versatile configuration: The metal detector is equipped with a straight- belt holster , easy to wear , body protection safety rope, top drop and impact resistance design , one-touch sensitivity adjustment function , plug-in charging port .

7. Sensitivity: not less than 0.1 ..

8. IP 54

9. Humadity: before 98%

10. Working mode: audio/visual or vibration

11. Low battery indicator

12. Audi detection signal should depend on items size( if item is small size-should be short audio signal,if item

     is big than audio signal should be long signal)

13. CE marking international standard 

Technical Standard

Technical Parameter

Product size

410mm x 85mm x 45mm

Package Size

520mm x 100mm x 50mm

Working frequency

about25 KHz

Net weight

500 gWithout batteries

Power supply

Standard 6F22/15F8H 9V battery or rechargeable battery


-15℃ to +55℃


0.1 gr

Protection class:

IP 54



Detection Range

     1. .Pin                        25—70mm

     2. Type 64 pistol                220350mm

     3. Six-inch dagger               200300mm

    4.20mm diameter steel balls       150mm

    5. One yuan coin                120—180 mm;

    6.TF card, staples, 8-pin chip      10—40 mm.


1 airports, railway stations, docks probing examination;

2 customs, public security, border control, defense department security checks;

3 pharmaceutical, food quality business systems inspection;

4 important places, playground safety inspection;

5. Electronics factory, SMT chip factory, cell phone factory, and the electronic components and precision metal parts processing industry.

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