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  • GC-1001 Handheld Metal detector

GC-1001 Handheld Metal detector

Categories:Handheld metal detector

Introduce:SAGBY brand handheld metaldetector

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Product Description

GC-1001 is a small hand-held metal detector to protect the security of public property. Electronic detection inspection at airports, railway stations and wharfs;Security inspection of customs, public securities, frontier defense and safeguard authorities;Quality inspection of medicine and food commercial systems;Security inspection of important sites and playgrounds;Noble metal detection, such as gold or silver jewelry manufacturing plants.Use the hand-held metal detectors to carry out physical inspection to avoid manual search of human rights disputes brought.

Product Features

1. Highly sensitive ,it can easily detect pin-sized metal articles( or even smaller metal articles).

2. It with a large detecting area can complete the detection by moving from top to bottom,greatly improving the working efficiency.

3. Its sensitivity can be adjusted according to the on-side requirements.

4. Indication of low battery voltage (LED light is always on).

5. It has double indication modes ,namely sound & light and vibration to accurately and rapidly judge the metal position

6. With shielded damp-proof sensitivity adjusing hole ,it seldom fails and is economic and durable.

7. It has adopted the world advanced wireless transmisssion charging technology with self-dominated intellectual property right.

8. the operation is simple and convenient.

9. non-slip design, easy to work.

10. if having metal, both sides of the Alert light can glow red alarm

11. Precious metal testing, such as gold and silver jewelry factory 

12. low battery consumption - standby current is zero, in working time is less than 50mA.

13. high accuracy and sensitivity - can accurately detect small metal objects (0.1g, or even smaller).

14. the battery voltage Tips --- system to detect power supply, battery failure, brownouts, when the voltage is insufficient ,Alert light will be red.

15. Reset function: Tap the Reset button to reset the detector back to the normal wait detection state, especially when there is a rapid change in the temperature of a false alarm or detection environment.

Product Specification

1. the detection sensitivity: Φ1.0mm Ball

2. Power supply: 9 volt battery (6F22ND)

3. Operating frequency: 95KHZ

4. Power consumption: 220mW

5. the operating current: less than 50mA

6. Operating temperature: -30 °C -50 °C

7. Net Weight: 450g

       8. Length 340mm*40mm(handle diameter)*80mm

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