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  • SJB-140 Handheld metal detector

SJB-140 Handheld metal detector

Categories:Handheld metal detector

Introduce:SAGBY brand handheld metaldetector

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Product Description

SGB140 hand held metal detector is a type of small handheld metal detector and also the special tool of security check. Small, light, good hand feeling, flexible operating, convenient, automatic testing after starting up, no adjustment is required, large scan area and omnibearing explore, Gold can be probed the target location exactly.



Sensitivity Adjustment.

1.The sensitivity shall be adjusted when performance instability is observed or sound is produced when detecting human body without any metal stuff because the detection distance is less than the stipulated requirement or the sensitivity is too high
2.Insert a small straightshaped screwdriver into the small hole of the handle of the detector and rotate clockwise, until a sound is head, then rotate counter-clockwise barely to the position where no sound is produced ,then rotate for another half a circle , until the sensitivity meets the requirement


Method to use.

1.Turn on the power switch. If a click sound is heard,it indicates that the power has been connected,and the green LED will turn on at the same time . if no click sound is heard, it indicates that no battery has been installed or the battery is not well connected .If the click sound is heard one after another it indicates that the battery cannot be used any more and a new battery shall be installed
2.When the switchon click sound stops , the highly sensitive detection can be performed.Grasp the handle and detect wich the detection face around the object being detected ,there will an alarm when a metal object is detected .in the mean time ,the green LED will turn into red .when the detection stops ,the alarm stops and the red LED turns into green

Product Features

1. Highly sensitivity

2. Simple and convenient to use, no adjustment is required ;

3. The detection distance will not be changed when the battery voltage drops from 9V to abou t 7V

4. Low power consumption ,can work for 40 hours continuously

5. There is automatic and continues alarm when the battery is used up

6. Switch on /off audio prompt function

7. With external rechargeable socket hole

8. Has audio, light and vibration handoff switch

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