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Handheld metal detector technology analysis

Industry newsSanjibao10 May 2018
The origin of hand-held metal detectors originated from archeology and treasure-hunting was initially developed and designed by European countries. Its purpose was to conduct metal negotiation and exploration, mainly for the detection of underground metals such as archeology, excavation, and so on.

In other words, the main purpose of the initial development of metal detectors was to detect underground metal objects. Later, people found that the use of this technology for security inspection is also good, so the underground metal detection equipment will be transformed, the technology will also be transformed, so that its long-distance detection technology into a close-range detection method, we will see today Hand-held metal detector prototype.

Analysis of the principle of technology: Metal objects generally have magnetic fields, which are only strong and weak. For example, iron and other ferrous metals have strong magnetic field sensing capabilities, while gold and other non-ferrous metals have weak magnetic field sensing capabilities. Since it can be induced by a magnetic field, the metal detection principle can detect and respond to changes in the magnetic field. This is the design principle of most current detectors.

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