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Security door manufacturers: security doors are harmful to the human body?

Industry newsSanjibao10 May 2018
The security door is a detection device for detecting whether a person carries a metal object or a metal detection door. As the name implies, the role of the security door is to detect whether or not the person passing the security door carries metal objects. The operating principle is simply the formation of a magnetic field that induces electromagnetic induction of metallic objects and thus the discovery of metallic objects. Some high-grade security doors can further sense the shape of metal objects to determine whether they are dangerous items such as knives. In summary, the security door is passively inspected through magnetic fields instead of the traditional sense of illumination. To be an inappropriate metaphor, we can regard the security door as a super-simplified version of the nuclear magnetic machine. Having said this, I think everyone has already understood that the security gate has eliminated the so-called radiation hazard in principle. Passing the security gate and even passing the security gate several times a day will not harm the body.

Security door manufacturers are here to popularize the radiation that people often mention. Irradiation is divided into ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. The former has high energy and can cause atoms or molecules to generate rotation and electric phenomena, such as nuclear radiation and X-ray radiation, which we must protect. The radiation sources encountered in our daily lives, such as WIFI, mobile phones, and sunlight, are non-ionizing radiation. Such radiation does not, in principle, change the traits of objects, but studies on the harmful effects of large doses of such radiation are still underway. Therefore, countries in the world still set corresponding limits for the production of such radiation. China's safety standard is 40 microwatts per square centimeter (μW/cm2) or less, that is, it is safe.

In daily life, the radiation that we come in contact with, such as mainstream wireless router radiation, is 24-31 (μW/cm2), while the mainstream mobile phone is 17-25 μW/cm2 when in standby, and it surges to 93 μW/cm2 during a call. We need to point out that the loss of non-ionizing radiation distance is very large. The wireless router's WIFI signal travels 1 meter in the air, the radiation level will drop to 4.5-6.8 μW/cm2, and it will drop to 0.8 μW/cm2 after 2 meters of propagation. , well below the national standards.

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